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The mission of the Conquistadors Performing Arts Association, Inc. is to promote the artistic advancement, education and welfare of the people in this organization, both youths and adults.

Goals and Values

The Conquistadors Performing Arts Association, Inc. strives to fulfill this mission by achieving the following basic goals:

To attract, train and further the artistic skills of all members by providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise through our educators.

To teach life skills to young people, including money and time management, conflict resolution, teamwork, self-discipline, and leadership. Young people will also learn from more mature veteran educators, members, and administrators.

To provide this diverse group of people with the opportunity to perform locally and across the country while also experiencing other groups' musical and visual performances.

To promote and support the performing arts through participation in parades, concerts, contests, and exhibitions. These opportunities develop personal enrichment through education, participation and performance for all members.

The Conquistadors Performing Arts Association, Inc. will:

Consistently demand personal excellence, and assist all participants in achieving this excellence.

Foster and embrace an environment of acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity.

Exhibit and promote sportsman-like conduct in competition.

Create a family through compassion and respect.

Accommodate members' divergent needs and learning styles. Learning through performance is a lifelong process and journey. Learning promotes the investigation of old and new ideas, critical thinking and aesthetic awareness, as well as alternative ways of knowing and understanding.

Build relationships with our local and extended communities through interaction with and outreach through performance opportunities. This will broaden the Conquistadors Performing Arts Association's experience and reach.

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